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Style tatuaży

Dziś tatuaż ma przede wszystkim charakter dekoracyjny, dlatego tak często style tatuażu są ze sobą łączone. Niemniej jednak zwyczajowo wyróżnia się podstawowe, „czyste” style tatuażu.

Old School tattoo

Characterized by bold lines and classic motifs from the 20th century.

Biomechanical tattoo

Combines elements of machinery with human anatomy.

Maori tattoo

Traditional Māori designs known as Ta Moko, deeply cultural.

Black and White Realistic tattoo

High detail designs in grayscale, focusing on realism.

Japanese tattoo

Features mythological creatures, flowers, and warriors in bold colors.

New School tattoo

Vibrant colors and cartoon-like aesthetics with exaggerated forms.

Ornamental tattoo

Decorative patterns that often wrap around limbs or the back.

Engraving tattoo

Designed to mimic the look of carved wood or metal engravings.

Anime tattoo

Features characters and themes from Japanese anime series.

Polynesian tattoo

Traditional tribal patterns representing social status and heritage.

Chinese tattoo

Often incorporates Chinese characters and mythology.

Abstract tattoo

Non-representational and often chaotic designs with bold colors.

Blackwork tattoo

Uses black ink heavily to create bold and intricate patterns.

Watercolor tattoo

Mimics the brushstroke style and fluid colors of watercolor paintings.

Linework tattoo

Focuses on the beauty of continuous and unbroken lines.

Geometric tattoo

Involves shapes and patterns with clean, minimalistic lines.

Celtic tattoo

Intricate knotwork and loops symbolizing eternity.

Minimalist tattoo

Simple and uncluttered designs emphasizing clean lines.

Microrealistic tattoo

Tiny, detailed designs that mimic the look of real objects.

Chicano tattoo

Reflects Mexican-American culture with fine lines and portraiture.

Neo-Traditional tattoo

Modern twist on traditional motifs, featuring bold lines and vivid colors.

Dotwork tattoo

Comprised of dots to create patterns or shaded effects.

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